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Success Factors

We add value to your organisation by assuming and performing certain critical functions, which in turn allows you to focus on what you do best. It is best described as the outsourcing of a range of tasks, predominantly those involving credit risk management. Our recipe for success lies in the following:

1 One platform

We manage debtor accounts and credit processes from one platform. Accordingly there is a seamless crossover from our billing and credit management services to our collection services.

2 Your staff

By taking over tasks that require certain skills we make it possible for you to appoint personnel that are skilled in your profession, not ours. It is not necessary to manage complex processes, we do that for you.

3 Turnaround time

We have enough resources to ensure that deadlines are met. We keep an eye on the critical path and monitor the critical cut off times.

4 Strike rate

We maintain a higher strike rate than any in-house operation because we have 10 years' experience in credit management. We have access to external databases, credit bureau, voice recordings, credit scores, banking payment streams and a host of tools that the average business could never match.

5 Specialization

Efficiency is achieved when tasks are broken into meaningful parts that are processed in specialized areas. For example data capturing, data validation, communication with medical funds, debtor negotiations, litigation, reconciliation etc.

6 Management data and reporting

We use our own IT department to manage data and design reports. We also give on-line access to accounts in both the billing and collections environment. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce comprehensive and relevant reports. For larger organisations we produce customized reports.

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